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Edes - God of Knowledge - Creator of the universe, founder of all. It is said that Edes has existed since the beginning of all time. Many years of travelling the heavens had left him lonesome, and it was said through great arcane arts, that he was able to create another like himself. This entity had eventually split up into two, Itas, and Koros. Edes is often depicted as an old humanoid with words inscribed all over his body.

Itas - Goddess of Life - Child of Edes. Her love for life had brought the creation of many of the ancients, which lead to the birth of the Earth as a whole. Peace and serenity are the fundamental basis of Itas, as it is necessary to live a full and complete life, as one cannot be in conflict forever. She is often depicted as an Angel.

Koros - God of Death - Child of Edes. His hatred for his sibling is the reason they had split, leading to the birth of man. While not inherently 'Evil', his relation to the end and death has shown him in a darker light. Whereas his sister praises tranquility, he praises the opposite. Self-gratification and conflict are his ideals, for to truly lived life requires risk and reward. Or hastens the ways to ones death. He is often portrayed as a demonic figure.

Jestos - God of Chaos - The only God that simply came into existence. As such, it is free from the family of the old ones, and is as chaotic as the domain he represents. When the Gods roamed the earth, it was he who helped Koros seperate from his sibling, and who let to many of the erratic landmarks that dot across the land. He is often depicted as a humanoid figure, whose shape changes constantly at random.

Kasai - Goddess of Fire - Sister to Utix, and the second born of the Ancient ones. Came into birth as a response to the flowing forest of Utix, keeping them contained. However, they are not at conflict, for destruction and rebirth between them has become the natural order. She was also the one to give birth to Koros and Itas, which has been said to be the reason of mans discovery of fire so easily. She is often depicted as a fiery imp.

Senera - Goddess of Water - An Ancient One, once an endless and bottomless ocean. After meeting Ireus, and the two combined their elements to form the world as it is. She helped shaped the jagged edges of the stone, and overtakes much of the world with her veins of river and oceans. Both of them have been long dormant, leaving the world to their children. She is often depicted as a rolling wave.

Ireus - God of Earth - An Ancient One, who was once a massive pile of grain and stone. Alone until he had met Senera, and after the two of them fell in love, combined their elements to form the world as it is known today. Everything from beaches and cliffs agaisnt the water are a result of them. Both of them have long since been dormant, leaving the matters to their children. He is often depicted as a shaped bolder.

Utix - Goddess of Nature - The first born from the Ancient ones, Utix encompassed all of nature. Using the water of her mother, and the earth of her father, the first plants grew. What started as an object to embellish the desolate landscape, flowed off to lust forests. She stands watch as one of the oldest Gods over her domain. She is often depicted as a gigantic tree.

Osdar - God of Wind - Last born of the Ancient ones, and often the most forgotten and taken for granted. Regardless, he is everywhere there is to be, whether blowing across plains or deep down below in forgotten caves. He is often depicted as a serpent through the air.

Tepheon - Goddess of Lightning - One of the few up for debate in any pantheon. Some view Lightning as the result of Osdar passing through the realm far too fast for mortals to comprehend. Others view lightning as some elaborate chaotic mess concocted by Jestos. The mainstream idea is that Tepheon is a young child of Osdar's (The mother varies), and is as reckless as one would expect a child, striking down bolts of pure godly energy at random. She is often depicted as a reckless young child.

Xeres - God of Corruption - to be written


Zergath - Lich, more to be written.
Xumes - God of Conjuration
Misyn - Goddess of Druid
Konnas - God of Alteration
Adione - Goddess of Love
Keztia - Goddess of Illusion
Toris - Goddess of Enchantment
Emione - God of Restoration


Ezri - Spawn of Jestos

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