The Combat System

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The Combat System

Post by Captain Snyder on Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:17 pm


These modifiers are global to all Combat Schools.

Untrained = -10
Trained = +/-
Novice = +10
Adept = +20
Expert = +35
Master = +50


Trained = You are able to effectively use a bladed weapon.
Novice = You have spent some time studying, and practicing your art with the blade. You are now able to feint an attack, which forces your opponent to roll twice, using the lesser of both rolls.
Adept = You are able to rapidly swing towards a single opponent. For each additional strike you include, you lose a -3 modifier for all defensive rolls until your next turn, exceeding no more than a total of 5 strikes with -12 modifier.
Expert = Once per encounter, you are able automatically successfully strike any enemy.
Master = to be decided
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