Races of the Lands

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Races of the Lands

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Common Races:

Common races exist throughout the lands, and as such, can be freely played by anyone.


Humans are common, and uninteresting. If you do not know the general information about a human, than you may or may not be an alien from outer space.


Elves hit their peak age at 300 years of age, and usually die sometime in their 500's, to which they are regarded as both ancient and wise. Their mental capabilities diminish greatly in their last few years, but until then, their minds are very sharp and clever. They are easily identifiable by their very long pointy ears.

Elves make for good magic users, due to their extensively long life, can afford the time and patience it takes to truly learn a school of magic. They also take double the amount of time as a human in order to reach maturity. An reaches maturity at 32, and is considered a teenager until their 50's.

Half Elves:

Half Elves are considered outcasts by both humans and elves, and don't necessarily belong anywhere either. Open communities tend to embrace them with open arms, though most would consider their existence a disgrace. Depending on which has more genetic influence, (elves/human), changes aspects about them.

If they are more Elven than Human, then they usually hit their peak age at around 200 years of age, and usually die sometime in their early 400's. They have typical Elven features such as a pointy ear, however their ear is short instead of log. In this instance, they will reach maturity at around the age of 24, and are considered a teenager by other half-elves until the age of 40.

If they are more Human than Elven, then they usually hit their peak age at around 100 years of age, and usually die sometime in their early 200's. Their ears are usually more round than pointy, though a keen observer may be able to notice it. This type of half elf are generally more difficult to distinguish between an actual human. They will reach maturity at around the age of 15, and are considered a teenager until the age of 20.


Dwarves are short, and have a broad frame. They are renown for being great builders, though sometimes hated for their inability to make a tall enough door. Dwarves are an honor-based society, and are often known for being rude, or otherwise vicious. Their people have made treaties with other races, primarily as blacksmiths to supply weaponry and armor, though their greed makes their prices exorbitantly high.

Dwarfs live for a variable amount of time, depending on how much alcohol they consume. However, they commonly hit their peak age at 200, and die sometime in their 300's. They commonly reach maturity in their 20's. Upon growing a beard, they are no longer considered a teenager.

Uncommon Races:

Uncommon Races do exist throughout the lands, but aren't very often seen in the public eye, either out of fear, or ones' own customs. These races cannot be played without speaking to an administrator first.

Tieflings are a very unfortunate race, as demon blood flows through within them. Although this does not make them inherently good or evil, holy-based magic can still affect them, regardless of their true alignment. They find themselves reaching maturity at the same time as a human, and hit their peak age at around 40's. Tieflings don't tend to live past the age of 90, though few have managed to.

Gnomes are a chaotic race, not necessarily good or evil, but definitely mischievous. Gnomes do not live for a long time at all, and they reach their peak age at around 10, and die in their 20's.  They usually mature within three years of their life.

The Avlen are a species of nomadic birds who travel the world in search of wherever they believe fate draws them to. They stay where they feel as if they may be needed, helping out travellers, fellow Avlens, or a newly form settlement by any race. The Avlen are one of the few races that actively preach pacifism, although not all members do, and infact, most of them are often trained in defensive techniques.

They usually reach maturity at the same time as a human, and their peak age is in their 30's. They tend to die in their 80's, though some have been known to live just over 100 years old.

Goblins are chaotic creatures that strive on destruction and ransacking. Commonly referred to as a species of bandits, thieves, or no-do-gooders. Goblins usually reach maturity at the age of 10, and hit their peak in their 30's. They usually die sometime in their 50's.

Orcs are similiar to Goblins, however they are much bigger, meaner, and greener. They are also an honor-based society, and as such, and often wont kill defenseless people, though they may not have much issue with taking their belongings for the glory of their home-tribe. They often work together in groups, and will not shy away from a fight. Orcs mature at the same rate as a human, and reach their peak age in their 40's, sometimes 50's. They usually only live up to a hundred years, give or take an extra decade depending on how lucky they are.

Cathar are a friendly species of traders, roamers, and although most will deny it-- lovers. Cathar naturally irradiate a friendly demeanor, and as such, are often liked by most species. The Cathar are also proficient healers, and will often find themselves in war-torn regions as a neutral party solely for the sake of providing aid to those in need. The Cathar reach maturity at around the age of 12, and peak at in their 30's. They tend to die sometime near their 70's.  

The Muk'ali are a race of lizards, though their name Muk'ali refer to a broad variety of humanoid lizards. There are a significant amount of sub-species in the Muk'ali, though they all share these traits: They have sharp talons, though shape & size differ between sub-species.

Muk'ali Kobold: Shorter, faster, and possibly the best or worst of all, depending on your view, highly intelligent. Kobolds have curved talons, and although sharp, they aren't very long. They reach maturity in about 8 years, and hit their peak age sometime in their 30's. They commonly die sometime in their 60's from old age.

Muk'ali Melius: The Melius consider themselves as pure muk'ali, and are an aggressive species. They do not take kind to jokes, unless they made the jokes themselves. They have long talons that are capable of being retracted/extended. They are roughly 3-6 inches in concealed length, and 6-10 inches when extended. They reach maturity at the same time as a human, and their peak age is sometime in their 40's or 50's. They tend to die sometime in their 90's, assuming they haven't been killed by bloodshed first.

Muk'ali Dire: These creatures are huge, usually standing between 8 and 12 feet, and have long sharp claws. Their body is covered with hardened scales, which only the sharpest weapons and arrows are capable of piercing. They reach maturity within a year of being born, and reach their peak sometime in their 20's. They usually don't live past the age of 40.

Rare Races:

These races are very rare, whether for reasons good or bad, it doesn't matter. All players who wish to play a rare race, MUST make an application or speak directly to the owner in order to play a character from this category.


Angels are descendants of a holy god/goddess, and as such, are capable of giving blessings of whomever they serve. They are also naturally proficient in casting magic(s) relevant to their god/goddess. It is not known how long it takes for an angel to mature, nor how long they live, though it is presumed that angels are capable of living for an unlimited period of time. Corruption magic causes wounds which cannot be healed, without the usage of a sacrifice.


Demons are descendants of an evil god/goddess, and as such, are capable of giving blessings of whomever they serve. They are also naturally proficient in casting magic(s) relevant to their god/goddess. It is known that most demons, not all, were originally at some point Angels, however they were corrupted and twisted into serving a new god/goddess. Demons are capable of living for an unlimited period of time, but are incapable of healing themselves without the usage of a sacrifice. Holy magic causes significant damage to Demons


Giants are, simply put, giant humanoids. They reach maturity at around the age of 8, and are constantly growing throughout their life. Due to their abnormally huge size, they have extremely powerful hearts. Giants do not die of old age, rather, they die because their heart has to work too hard, eventually causing a fatal heart attack.


Shape shifters are unique in the sense that they are capable of changing the way their body looks, however, in order for shape shifters to co-exist alongside society, they have to use a skeleton structure of a creature. This skeleton structure must be considered medium in size. For example, humans are considered a medium-sized race. When using a skeleton structure, shape shifters look virtually identical to the species the bones belong to. However, they naturally have a goo-like state. When wounded, these creatures do not bleed, though it does cause extreme pain. The only way to kill a shape shifter is to burn, (or otherwise completely destroy) their body.

Leaving a current 'body' inhabited by a shape shifted is discomforting, and takes a couple of minutes for the transition to complete. While in a goo-state, they are extremely slow, and are incapable of holding onto weaponry, or using magic, until they find a new body to inhabit. If they wish to imitate a species they do not have a skeletal structure of, then they are able to do so, however, the imitation is poor and obvious. Only the near-blind, or in very dark enviroments, could this cheap imitation pass as the real thing.

The Veteri look similiar to other humanoid races such as Humans or Elves. The Veteri usually share characteristics between multiple humanoid species, though often with a more pale, "smooth" appearance. They are usually tall, between six and seven feet, and have thin bodies. People often mistake the Veteri for having a sickly appearance, if they were lucky enough to see one. The Veteri are presumed to be an extinct race, and it is unknown exactly how long they live for, but it is presumed that they were capable of living for an infinite amount of time.

The Veteri have an extremely strong connection to magic. By default, they are a champion of atleast one magic-based deity, and are a master of that deity's magic. Whenever using magic from another category that they are atleast trained in, their roll bonus is increased to the next training level. However, they can only become an adept of other magic schools. This means that a Veteri Fire Adept would roll with Expert Roll Bonus, but wouldn't be able to cast spells that require expert training.
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