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The Timeline

Post by Captain Snyder on Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:02 pm

It is unknown exactly how the universe was created, though most consider that Edes, the original and first god to come into being, is either responsible for creating it, or was a by-product of it being created.

For over a thousand millenniums, Edes spread throughout the universe, creating stars and planets alike. Eventually, Edes created another entity like himself, which embodied the spirits of both life and death. This entity eventually split into two beings, known as Itas and Koros. The goddess of life and the god of death, retrospectively.

The first few lifeforms created by Itas are known as the 'Ancient Ones'. The first Ancient One to be created was Ireus, God of Earth, soon followed by Serena, Goddess of Water. Together, they shaped the earth into what it appears as, today. These two ancients eventually met, and their firstborn was Utix, Goddess of Nature. As she begun to cover the globe with forests and other plants, Kasai was born next. The sisters often fought eachother, leading to many great fires. Osdar was eventually born, and was able to make peace between the two sisters.

With the world now seeded with life, the first humanoid shaped lifeforms begin to take place.

The first civilization to rise to power were known simply as the Veteri. The Veteri had a powerful connection to magic, and as such, it was essential to their culture & society. It is believed that a catastrophic magical event ended up wiping the Veteri off of the face of earth. As centuries passed, and the Earth was able to support larger civilizations again, the common races begun to prop up around the world. This marks the end of the Ancient Era, and the beginning of the Contemporary Era.

The Contemporary Era starts off at Year 0. In Year 0, the common races had established cities across their lands, and a treaty for relative peace was signed. Our time line begins here.

Year 0 - The Treaty of Global Neutrality is created. The treaty acts as a major change in history, where a person had two citizenship's. They were citizens of whatever Civilization they were born to, as well as Citizens of the Earth. Every Civilization had to agree to rights of an Earth Citizen, and these rights are shared throughout the world, for the most part.

Year 350 - A horde of undead is unleashed against the world, severely crippling society. A direct intervention from Itas herself had saved the world, the bodies of the undead turn to ash. Xeres is banished to hell, to spend an eternity with Koros.

Year 2018 - Current Date
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